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Jeff Koons at The Whitney

My friend and I love exploring the unbeaten paths of NYC. We’re both born and raised New Yorkers but there’s something exciting about finding and seeing things we least expect in the city we live in. We thrive on wanting to be the first of our friends to experience something new.

We all want to be the first at something and when it comes to art and food, we’re always looking for it. The only down side? Being New Yorkers, life and work always seem to find it’s way to stall our plans. I can’t even count how many times we’ve missed checking out a spot or art installation before it was over. We get bummed but there’s always something new and it allows us to keep our adventures going.

Last weekend, we decided to check out the Jeff Koons exhibit at The Whitney. Museums always brings out the kid in us – wide eyed and looking in wonderment of what is presented before us. And Jeff Koons exhibit did just that and more. My favorite? The ability to take reflection photos off the art pieces.



JeffKoonWhitney2014-01  JeffKoonWhitney2014-02JeffKoonWhitney2014-08 JeffKoonWhitney2014-05 JeffKoonWhitney2014-03 JeffKoonWhitney2014-09 JeffKonnWhitney2014-04 JeffKoonWhitney2014-10a JeffKoonWhitney2014-12 JeffKoonWhitney2014-13

TIPS: Go early to avoid the lines. Great for a rainy day indoors and the kids will love it. There’s also a cafe downstairs if you get hungry.

And with every adventure we take, I like to use my friend as my muse for photos.


The entire exhibit takes a good hour or so to go through. We went early afternoon and by the time we were done, we were starving. Though they had a cafe on premises, we opted to check out The Jeffrey which is located right under the Roosevelt Island tramway – a 15 minute walk from the museum. We loved the ambiance and the food.

Ambiance – laidback with a beer garden out back AND a coffee bar right next door

Food – we shared a cheese & charcuterie platter (YUM!), a tuscan kale salad (delicious, I’d definitely order it again) and a side of housemaid teriyaki beef jerkey (it was a bit too dry for our taste)

I’ll be back again to try more items off their menu, grab a latte and enjoy their beer garden out back! A great spot off the beaten path.



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