Happy Thanksgiving


It’s that time of year again! Where we reflect and remember all the wonderful things we have in life and how blessed we are to have people who love us be there.

But this year I want to declare a resolution. Like the one most people make during the new year. I’ve been reflecting a bit the last few months and I know a change is needed (not only around me, but IN ME). I want every Thanksgiving to remind me of a resolution that I make today for rest of my life. And that’s to do the following:

1. Be thankful EVERY DAY for everyone and everything I have, not just on Thanksgiving Day

2. Treat others more kindly and with more patience

3. Give back whenever I can through volunteer work and/or through giving my time to help those in need

4. Believe in the good of others again

5. Challenge myself to be a better me

It doesn’t seem like much but it’s the simplest of things that are the hardest to do.
Oh and of course in the spirit of a good turkey day, make great food for those you love! A post on my Thanksgiving dish to come.

Wishing you and yours a wonderful, love and food-filled day. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!


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