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When In Arizona, One Must See (Part 2) The Grand Canyon

Our trip to Arizona wouldn’t be complete without visiting the Grand Canyon. The mister and I had never been and it’s just a must see when you’re in Arizona. Growing up we all know about the Grand Canyon, I knew I’d make it there some day but also knew that I had to wait until I was ready to take in the beauty to appreciate it. And boy, am I glad I waited.

We decided to take a tour bus to take us to the different view points. Definitely a good decision since our GPS wouldn’t have gotten signal on the canyon. Our concierge, Teah at the Amara Resort, set us up with a full day excursion with  Pink Jeep Tours. I’ll let the photos tell you about our experience and the grand colors that Mother Nature paints us every day.





Pictures cannot express how massive and expansive the canyon is. It’s just one of those things you have to experience at least once in your lifetime. And for me, it made me appreciate more of what nature gives us. From the sun, to the colors and even the storms (just like ones seen here in the distance, pouring down on just one spot but still sunny and shining in another). Yes, those rays coming out of the clouds are actually streams of rain! We were even lucky enough to see some California condors fly by. They don’t look it but their wing spans up to 10ft – talk about just hang gliding through the skies.


But like every storm, it eventually passes and the fun breaks through again.


We made a pit stop on our way back and came across this tee-pee and just had to snap a photo. The tour with Pink Jeep was perfect – informative but not overloaded; our tour guide Mike was great and ready to answer any of our questions and great with being available to help everyone take photos. We would definitely recommend anyone going to the Sedona/Grand Canyon area to take the tour and save yourself from getting overwhelmed in the canyon.


And this was one of my favorite parts of the trip – the clouds. They seemed to have much more freedom and personality than what I’m use to seeing back home.


For our BEST meal of the trip, we dined at Elote. And like it’s namesake, it was the elote (Mexican for corn on a cob) that made this place amazing. We would’ve had the elote as a meal in itself if we knew ahead of time – it was THAT good.


And that was our trip. We enjoyed our time in Arizona, from the sites to the food, it was a great time. Three days was definitely more than enough time to see all the neighboring sites and to enjoy the local food.

Until our next adventure.



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