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When In Arizona, One Must See (Part 1) The Red Rocks

Hey everyone! I know it’s been a while since my last post. Work has been keeping me busy and a bit exhausted but in between it all, I’ve made sure to squeeze in some time off. So in August, we decided to take a quick trip.

The Kimpton Hotels were having a grand opening special at their newly opened property, the Amara Resort. I had been wanting to stay at a Kimpton property and the mister and I had never been to Arizona or the Grand Canyon – so it was the perfect opportunity to get away.


We flew into Phoenix and took the drive into Sedona. If you’re ever deciding to make the trip, it’s actually more cost effective to fly in Phoenix and the drive? Well worth the scenery! On our way to Sedona, we made a pit-stop to check out Montezuma Castle – one of the best preserved cliff dwellings in North America. Can you imagine living IN a cliff? It just blows my mind thinking about HOW they even built a home in the cliff to begin with.


We stayed at the Amara Resort in the beautiful red rock city of Sedona. From the clouds to the colorful mountains that adorned the sky, it was just what we needed to be away from the concrete jungle.


When we arrived at the resort, I couldn’t help but be drawn to their outdoor restaurant views of the red rocks. To top it off, they had FREE bike rentals through PUBLIC. Now how awesome is that? A great way to explore the area and they even have picnic basket meals to go with it!  We had a rental car and didn’t get a chance to use the bikes but will remember for our next Kimpton stay!

TIP: They have this at ALL the Kimpton properties.


The resort was right off a strip of shops and restaurants. It was a hike up a hill to get there but the weather was perfect (surprisingly, not too hot) for a stroll to explore. Aside from good food, I love finding art, bold colors and things that I haven’t seen before. The kid is me keeps me curious.


There was even art built into the Red Rocks. Though I’m not religious, the Church of the Holy Cross on the mountains was beautiful. The views were expansive and provide such a serene getaway. It gives a great bird’s eye view of Sedona.



Next Up: The Grand Canyon & our last day in Sedona


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