Never Get Older

Never Get Older. It’s what Gru says to Agnes as he kisses her goodnight in Despicable Me 2. I like to think that there’s a part of us that never really grows up. The part that lives carefree and is happy with the simplest things in life. It’s like the movie; despite finding villains and saving the world, at the end of the day, it’s about family.

Or maybe that’s just my excuse for falling in loving with those despicable minions! I don’t even understand what they say but I just can’t get enough of them. And there’s that inner child in me that just HAD to collect all the McDonald’s Happy Meal Minion Toys! Who didn’t grow up with a Happy Meal? My parents use to take my brother and I once a week on our dad’s only day off. Our cousins use to come with us too and we’d collect whatever toys we could. I don’t think I was ever crazy about having to have the entire collection but it was something to look forward to – spending time with the family and the excitement of anticipating what was inside that cardboard box!


The toys use to be much more fun – from Beanie Babies, transformer McDonald’s food, the Disney pull back cars we’d race each other with, the Jungle Book wind-ups, to the Halloween pumpkin pails! The ones in the last decade or so haven’t been anything to rave about but the Despicable Me 2 toys brings back new hope for the beloved Happy Meal! Lucky for me, I didn’t have to eat 20 Happy Meals to get them all.



Happy Meal, you’ve still got it! Thanks for bringing back my childhood excitement.


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