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Walk Through The Rain Without Getting Wet

Yes, you really can walk through the rain without getting wet. I haven’t gone crazy but the guys at rAndom International were able create something that you can only imagine – the Rain Room.

When I first read about it, I knew I had to go! It’s an enclosed room where rain is pouring down but as you walk towards the water trying to get a break from the hot & humid NYC summer heat, it runs away and you stay dry. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the video:

Initially installed at the Barbican in London, it’s now at the MoMa in NYC! It’s running until July 28th so you still have time to see it. I would recommend as early as possible in the day before the crowds get there and if you can, on a weekday where most people are at work and there are less tourists (even though it may be hard since we’re right in the middle of summer now).

I went with theheartisan yesterday, but the wait was 4.5hrs! We definitely did not have time to wait but there is a “short line” to get in to just see the Rain Room work its magic. We decided to take that option and though we couldn’t experience  the rain running away from us, we were able to see it happen and capture some great shots!



So if you’re tight on time, we waited about 15 minutes. Not entirely the same but still pretty cool. We might just go back on a weekday to try our luck again – next time I’ll check how long the wait is first before I buy my tickets.

Learn more about the Rain Room at The Creator’s Project


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