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A Figment of Your Imagination

Just a short ride away on Governor’s Island you can enter a City of Dreams through art, music and food.  As you step off the ferry ride, you are welcomed to FIGMENT! Figment is happening this weekend and you still have today to experience it. If not, you’ll have to wait till next year! It’s taken me 6 years to FINALLY make the trip – it’s a wonder where all the time goes and how busy our lives get. I think my fellow city dwellers, especially New Yorkers, understand.

So what is Figment exactly? It’s a participatory arts event – it’s not just something that you stand still and quietly look at–it is something you participate in. You touch it, smell it, write on it, talk to it, dance with it, play with it, learn from it. Interactive art creates a dynamic collaboration between the artist, the audience and their environment. –

The mister came with me on this adventure to Governor’s Island. We were ready to see what Figment had in store for us!ImageImageImageImage

We explored the island on bike.Image

First stop – wooden creations! There were pieces of wood, markers, strings and other decorative items to create your own piece and add it to the installation. ImageImage

Pixelated art boxes from images of faces. Talk about making it abstract!Image

Love is all around us! A love installation where you can add your message to the world and spread the love. ImageImageImageImage

A tribute to the World Trade Center and 9/11.Image

Popdogs anyone? No you can’t eat them but this larger than life installation was pretty awesome.ImageImage

The ultimate treehouse playground for kids AND adults!Image

Miniature circus tents! We were MUCH too big for them. ImageImage

Bizarre but the cool thing was that when you turned the monster head, the mouths and eyes would move around in all sorts of googly ways. Image

My absolute FAVORITE installation of the day? This Head in the Clouds piece by Studio Klimoski Chang Architects (studioKCA) – the winner of the City of Dreams Pavilion contest, which has to consist of recycled or recyclable materials. Their choice of materials? 53,780 plastic bottles – the amount thrown away in ONE hour in NYC! ImageImage

Besides the fact that this installation was already amazing, they had a DJ booth set up inside and they were playing music that just amplified throughout the cloud – you couldn’t even hear it when you stood a few feet away from it on the outside. The ground was wet and muddy from the days of rain we got, but I can’t wait to go back, dream away and maybe even dance it up inside the cloud! For those heading there today, it’s probably a bit drier, but new & pretty shoes are not recommended. ImageImageImage

In this city of dreams, where will you be dreaming this summer?


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