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CRAFT IT: Washi Love

In the last year or so, the fun, practical uses of washi tape has taken us by storm. I admit that I couldn’t and still can’t resist from being drawn to it. My favorite place to go to pick some up is on Etsy,ginko paperscutetape and happytape. I’ve even noticed that local craft stores like Michael’s have picked them up – mainly through the Recollections brand (they have GORGEOUS glitters too!).

My biggest washi purchase came through on The Plaid Barn – they offer daily deals on craft supplies, DIY kits and more. What!? Sign me up! It was music to my ears. And when they offered the deal for anInstant Washi Collection? I did dances around my living room in excitement! After much debate (not, really) I decided to splurge. After a LONG 3 weeks, I’ve finally received my collection and can’t wait to show you guys some of the amazing things you can do with washi tape. And to celebrate National Craft Month, I’ll be sharing some simple and fun DIY washi projects. Here are some ideas I’ve pinned:

In the meantime, I’m just drooling over all this loveliness! Are you drooling too?


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