DIY & Crafts

CRAFT IT: Washi Tape Messages


– Washi Tape (use two varying patterns to add some fun)
– Scissors
– Sharpie Pen (fine point)
– Twine or Ribbon

STEP 1: Tape the backs of the two washi tapes together. Be sure to align them to avoid the sticky backs to be exposed. Align and stick them together for 4inches and cut (more or less depending on how long your message is).

STEP 2: Add a tail to the washi combo. Do this by cutting diagonally towards to center of one end of the washi combo.

STEP 3: Write your message on one side of the washi combo. Send a happy greeting. Express your love. Say something funny. Really, anything your heart desires.

STEP 4: Cut 3inches of twine.

STEP 5: Roll up your washi message so that the message is hidden inside. Roll it up into a mini scroll until you reach the tail.

STEP 6: Wrap the twine around the scroll twice and tie a knot.

Now your secret is safe with me. Place the message anywhere to be found, to be read. And it’ll be sure to brighten someone’s day.


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