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Sakura NYC Fashion Show Benefit

{Illustration Design by D3 Designs}

It’s been 5 months since my first post and since then, I’ve started a new job and just trying to refocus my energies. Most of May,  June and July were dedicated to working on my first ever fundraising event that my friend and I put together.

We had wanted to do something after the Japan earthquakes and tsunamis and figured, what better way to represent Japan than to host a Fashion Show! It was probably three of the craziest months I’ve ever experienced but in the end it was all worth it – everyone had a great time and we met some amazing people! This is why I love to plan events. I definitely couldn’t have done the event without my friend and project partner – Winny. Working with her is easy and we fill each other’s setbacks; which is probably why we complement each other when it comes to planning events.

All the efforts we made in reaching out to friends, contacting designers & sponsors, planning the sequence of events, and securing a venue AGAIN two weeks before the event (because our initial venue cancelled on us), was all worthwhile. We raised over $2400 that was donated to ShelterBox and Japan Society; attracted over 130 guests on Thursday, July 14th at 1Republik Lounge and could not have been blessed with a better group of designers, volunteers and sponsors. We have been humbled by the amount of support we received and moreso thankful for everyone’s contributions.

And I know I’ve already said this right after the event but again, I would like to thank everyone who came out, supported ShelterBox and Japan Society and made the event the success that it was! It was beyond our expectations and we can’t wait to plan our next event.

SPECIAL THANKS to: Winny, Kathy, Shirley, Livia and Grace for supporting and helping us through the process in making this event happen. Our emcees Elena and Jonathan. Our models and hair/make-up volunteers. Without you guys, we couldn’t have done it.

To our wonderful designers: KIMBO, Tokyo Kaleidoscope, debris, Julia S.H., and Margo Petitti and our official event t-shirt designer shirtshimi.

To our generous sponsors: (DESSERTS) Tasty Pursuits, Tweetealicious, Decadent Minis, Cupcakes for Events, and Blue Star Aqua; (GIFTS) Gilt Groupe, Penelope, Nike, Cha Pa’s, shirtshimi and 1 Republik; (AUCTION ITEMS) Ambrosia Sullivan, Chako, Tokyo Kaleidoscope, shirtshimi, muz by Mark Munoz, and Margo Petitti.

To Ronald Zhong and Amanda Bermudez for their beautiful photography in capturing the event on camera!

A HUGE thank you to 1 Republik for hosting our event on such short notice and being absolutely amazing in helping us make this event a success!

And to all our friends, colleagues and friends of friends who came out to support us, you guys are amazing. With your support we surpassed our goal of $2k! Thank you all for being so generous and making time to come support our fashion show benefit. We hope you enjoyed the HH & BBQ specials, and of course the Fashion Show. We couldn’t have asked for a better crowd!


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