Decadent Minis

Have you ever wondered how photographers take those gorgeous photos of food? I have! Lucky for me, my friend has set up shop at home to create and deliver her Decadent Minis. Focused on only mini cupcakes and chocolates, she needed someone to assist her in taking photos of her creations. I knew it’d be the perfect opportunity to test my inner food styling self. Or at least feed my obsession of taking food photos like a madwoman at restaurants, street vendors, basically anywhere as long as I have food in hand!

We set out to a neighborhood park with my camera in hand and was ready. My friend was able to pick up some pretty plates that worked great with the shoot. Loved the colors and subtlety. And with natural lights beaming on us, we went for our test run to attempt to create photos that we both swoon over on blogs. Results? Well, I think I have to say that I’m quite happy with them! The greatest part was that we had a blast and it was good bonding time. =) Thanks, Stacy for allowing me to help you and your business. Here’s to great success and many decadent minis to keep sweets lovers smiling. =)

P.S. If you attended the OMG Foodie Pre-Restaurant Week Party back in January, those delicious red velvet cupcakes were by the fabulous Decadent Minis!



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