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Passport to Asia Benefit

This has been, what feels like, the longest I’ve been away on the blog. The past month hasn’t left much room for me to breathe or do anything for myself. What’s been keeping me busy? Volunteering at Asian Americans for Hope, a division of the American Cancer Society’s Asian Intiatives (ACS-AI). The event planning was put into full gear and I’ve been spending days, nights and weekends helping them prepare for the event.

And I’m glad to say that it’s FINALLY here! Being a part of this event made me realize that though ACS is a huge non-profit and there is an abundance of information and resources, there is a disconnect between what’s available and those in the Asian community. In a world where we can obtain almost any type of information with the click of  a finger, it’s almost baffling to realize that the cancer patients in the Asian community lack it. How so? Well there is a language barrier for services and information that is available. The ACS-AI aims to bring the vast knowledge we do have to these communities to allow them the same treatment and care as any other person that could speak and read English.

I learned that cancer is  the leading cause of death for female Asian Americans. Being one myself, knowing that rattles me but at the same time reminds me to stay healthy and think about my everyday choices. It’s a scary thought and even talking about cancer gives us all knots in the stomach because I’m sure we all know someone who’s been affected. But instead of wallowing in the pain and trying to gain the sympathy of others to help support our cause, we decided that our event, Passport to Asia, would be different. Rather than focus on the negative aspects of cancer, we wanted to be able to educate  people and at the same time celebrate life – for those who fought the battle, to those who continue to fight and to those who have survived.

On Wednesday, March 23rd we are hosting Passport to Asia. A night of food, drinks and performances by Cate Song, Hsunami and Paperdoll, hosted by Jen Kwok. We are banding together for one cause – to find a cure.

Date: Wednesday, March 23 @ 6:30pm

Location: 82 Mercer

Ticket Price: $125 (Proceeds to benefit ACS-AI)

For more information:


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