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The Well – One Night One Cause

I had the privilege of being invited to The Well. It was a fundraising event in support of charity:water.

ONE NIGHT brought together talent, delicious sweets, cold drinks and great people; all for ONE CAUSE – The Well. This night was the first of many steps in bringing clean water to the millions of people in the world who don’t.  And the best part about it? People from all walks of life were there because they believed in providing ONE community with clean water.

This is personally my favorite charity of all time. Through the years, I’ve looked for charities that I would support unconditionally and believe in their mission. The mission is simple – there are billions of people who don’t have access to water; charity:water provides it by building wells. And their campaign? Donate your birthday. Instead of having friends give you gifts, you ask that they donate your birthday. Say you’re turning 30, your friends would donate $30 to your campaign for charity:water. How genius is that? Simple,effective, and personally? much better than receiving gifts that I might not use or use only a handful of times. Being able to provide someone or a community with clean water means much more than the material luxuries we have.

The Well is hoping to bring clean water to an entire community. They’re half way to the goal but need our help getting there. Little steps make a big difference. DONATE HERE and start a movement.

At The Well, we got to enjoy performances by the Cate Song and Peter Bradley Adams.  Both amazing performers and if you haven’t had a chance to check them out, do so on their site and keep updated on when they’ll be performing next on their Facebook pages: Cate Song FB and Peter Bradley Adams FB.

To top it off, we got to enjoy wonderful desserts! Cupcakes from Cakes by Christine NY and Cupcake Stop; Whoopie Pies from Sweetery NYC (if you haven’t checked them out, do so! A great partner to work with to develop a fun marketing campaign), Cake Pops from Sweets by Sillianah and Cookies from A Girl Bakes in New York.

What can I say? It one memorable night. A very special thank you goes out to Cate Song for allowing me to photograph the event. It was my first “official” shoot and can’t express more gratitude for having had this opportunity. So thank you, Cate – for believing and trusting in me.

See full photo album on Facebook.


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