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Year of the Rabbit: Hopping Through a Dim Sum Food Crawl

Happy Chinese New Year! Or rather, Happy Lunar New Year everyone! Even for those who don’t celebrate, there’s always something to do to join the festivities and get a feel of what CNY is all about.

I started off the festivities by going on a CNY Dim Sum Food Crawl hosted by the fabulous Jessica of FoodMayhem, Liza of Food.Curated. and Amy of AmyBlogsChow. They took us on a grand tour of Flushing, Queens for what was an adventure of your salivary palette. Starting off at Dong Yi Feng for dim sum and then it was off to explore the neighborhood.  I couldn’t have summed it up better than FoodMayhem – Chinese New Year Food Crawl. Check out her post about all the places we went to on the food crawl and my photos that got featured! =D Aside from that, it’s a great blog about food, along with recipes and recommendations on places to find good food.  Overall experience? – Would do it again in  a hearbeat! Loved the $1 duck buns and cream filled cakes.

 Buns from Apollo Bakery

Cream Filled Cakes inside the Flushing Mall

Salted Pork Chop with Pickled Vegetables

Fermented (Stinky) Tofu

Liang Pi, “cold skin” spicy noodles from Xi’an Foods

Oyster Pancake and Oyster Bean Thread Soup

Sweet & Savory Pastries

$1 Duck Buns from a hole in the wall “window”

And our final stop, a dumpling spot next to Monster Karaoke Bar/Lounge

In addition to that, I’ve been busy running back and forth from Manhattan, to the Bronx and Brooklyn to celebrate the festivities with family. Christmas is typically people’s favorite time of year, but mine is really on Chinese New Year when we all gather at my grandmother’s place and see how the family has grown. It’s the one day in the year that I’m guaranteed to see all of my family and even with a two-hour commute, I trooped it and made sure to see my family (and of course to have some of the yummy goodies).

Dinner at the in-laws, my parents, and my aunt & uncle’s place.

Pork and water chestnut dumplings

Sweet peanut & sugar cookie dumplings


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