Thanks 2010, And Hello 2011!

It was a year of changes in 2010. The lessons I’ve learned, the friends and family that continue to be there for me, marrying the man I’ve always dreamed of to taking a leap in starting something for myself. It’s all been quite the ride. And more importantly, THANK YOU GUYS for following me on FB, reading my blog and taking part in our fundraisers!

For the lessons, I’ve learned I need to become more patient. I need to be more forgiving and not to judge so quickly. It seems so easy, yet probably the hardest ones I’ll have to achieve. I know it’ll be a long process and that there’ll be so much that will happen in between before I get to that point, but I have to take it in stride and in baby steps.

My friends and family – I can’t thank you guys enough for being there by my side through the biggest event of my life. It was truly an amazing experience and I will never forget the day and the festivities we hosted post-wedding.  Though there were so many people that have been in my life that I wanted there on that one day, it was nearly impossible. It was one of the hardest decisions I had to make, to realize and to actually execute, but I had to. Never would I have ever imagined that I had to make choices, but I did. I felt like for the first time, I was really forced to make a choice for what was best for me. And I’ve realized that after you’re married, certain things change. Priorities, friendships and even a bit of my lifestyle. The most difficult one? Friendships. We’ve all grown  up and for some us even apart. But that’s just a part of life. Each day it seems harder to make time, to feel energized to go out and meet up like I use to. To think that I use to have dinners 3-4 times a week for almost 2 years. The thought of that now makes me want to just curl up in bed! Not because I don’t want to see friends, but it gets tiring! I’ve already got several lunches/dinners lined up for this month but I’m excited. I do miss seeing my friends, talking to them and just knowing how they are. So here’s to keeping in touch with my friends more, mending ones that have grown apart and being a better friend. =)

The love of my life – the best things do come when you least expect it. I was lucky to find the man that I could spend the rest of my life with. Like all couples, we have our disagreements and our share of driving each other up the wall, but at the end of the day, we wouldn’t want to go through all of that with anyone else. No matter how upset we are at each other, it never lasts for long. It really does feel like family! Who would’ve thought! j/k =) I have my husband to thank for making me realize that I need to slow down sometimes and take time to just vegetate and bum around. To appreciate the days we just stay home and watch a movie, cook, and sleep all day instead of roaming the city streets, eating out and taking photos. It’s really teaching me how to juggle and balance the two. I always believed that the person you end up with balances you out. They teach you to be a little less rigid in your habits and become flexible, to learn not to be such drama queens about everything (because you realize, it really doesn’t matter), and that you’re there for each other no matter what. So yea, I think I’m a pretty lucky gal. Thanks Fate!

The leap – from doing my second fundraiser, I think we’ve accomplished more than I’ve imagined. Last January, we hosted our first photoshoot for Haiti that raised $250 in three weekends and the ACS shoot was our second fundraiser – which helped us raise $800 in two months. Not bad for working weekends only! I especially want to thank the photographers who took the time out to participate in the fundraiser. I know it takes a lot to give up your weekends to join us and I really appreciate the time you gave us to help the American Cancer Society. Helen –  you are our rockstar. Mike – you are an amazing photog and I can’t wait to see you take over the photography world!. Peter – you’re awesome for making time for us despite your crazy schedule. So where does this leave us for the start of 2011?

Another fundraiser will be in the works for later this year, but that doesn’t mean that we’re not available throughout the year to shoot.

And the other big project I’ve been working on? OMG Foodie. We’re in stealth mode right now but to give you a brief description of who we are:

We find foods that make you go “oh my god” (OMG) and we connect people over food. Check us out on FB and stay tuned for upcoming events!

So here’s to an amazing year filled with endless possibilities, taking leaps and making it an unforgettable year! Happy New Year everyone! !  Wishing you all an amazing 2011 =)


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