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Photos for Night of Hope Fundraiser (ACS) – Cate Song

Hey everyone, I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving weekend! Mine was filled with good food and awesome company. Nothing beats spending time with the family. =)

And of course, since I was busy stuffing my face, I delayed a bit of my updating on the fundraiser. Prior to the holidays, I had the privilege of meeting and photographing Cate Song. If you guys remember, I discovered her at the Supply Education Group concert fundraiser a few months back. I had reached out to her post-concert and have kept in touch since. There are few artists who are willing to help out or rather give you the time to participate in small events. So, when I met Cate, I knew she was different and was grateful for her openness to hear me out and to give me a chance to help photograph her. Though the session was tight on time, and it was my first ever SOLO session, I think I did ok. It was intimidating at first since I typically have my friends there to help ease the process, but Cate was easy to work with and was up for anything, so thank you for that! And for making it easier on me. =)

It was great meeting you finally and I hope to do something with you again in the future! For those that don’t know Cate, check out her work at And for someone that’s soft-spoken, her voice is powerful and demands an attention that makes you stop and listen. Enjoy!



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