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Photos for Night of Hope Fundraiser (ACS) – Taylor & Jayden

Prior to our wedding in September, I was approached by American Cancer Society (ACS) to help in planning their upcoming events. One of them being the Night of Hope Gala being held next weekend. I was totally bummed when I found out I couldn’t make it to the event but thought I could still find a way to give back. Going with the photo fundraiser model I used back in January, I decided to mimick it again but this time allowing the clients, YOU, to have more freedom to choose where and when you’d like to do the shoot.

Starting in October through the first weekend of December, we are offering one hour photoshoots to anyone (the newly engaged, to the friends, families and even artists!) Everyone is welcome and it’s a fun learning playground for all. Along with fellow amateur photographers and professional ones, I’m happy to say that I think we’ve started something great. Aside from raising money for a charity, we are building a network of friends and teachers among us. It truly gives the saying “working together” a whole new meaning.

Why am I doing this?

Last year around this time, one of my dearest friends told me she was diagnosed with cancer. With the news, I was in shock and heartbroken. How could someone so young with no prior health conditions get cancer!? A part of me was scared and not sure what to say or do. But I knew that I had to be strong for my friend. No matter what I was feeling, I knew that her dealing with it was 1,000 times more than I could even begin to understand. I did what I knew best, be a friend. We talked as if everything was ok and I was openarmed when she needed to break down. I wanted her to believe and know that she’d be ok, because she just HAD to be. And we were right, she is now cancer-free and stronger than ever. Throughout the course of her treatments, I gained a new respect for my friend. There are few people in this world that are selfless, strong and beautiful inside and out. Though she had to face the everydays with hardship, she never once complained. She even still helped me as much as she could with my crazy wedding planning and listen to me ramble on about the stresses of it. And for that, I could never ask for a better friend and someone to look up to. So this project hits at the heart for me and I am eternally grateful for everyone who has signed up for the event and giving back to ACS. It’s you  who will give my friend and others birthdays to celebrate for years to come.

So to everyone that’s taken that first step in giving back…THANK YOU!

Without further ado, here are our fabulous donors<3


Taylor – DUMBO @ the new Brooklyn Bridge Park

 If you remember, Taylor was one of our cute models from our first shoot. She’s grown so much and more active. The extra plus? I think she remembered us from last time because she was ready for her photoshoot! It’s always warms me to photography children and see the results. Unlike photographing adults, you sorta don’t know what you’ll get or what facial expression or pose they’ll unleash on you. You just hope that you’re there at the the right moment to capture it all. I present to you the cutie-patootie full of sass Taylor!

Jayden & Family – Owls Head Park

Jayden is the youngest model we’ve ever photographed. It was also the largest group! It was a bit intimidating at first, but we  have to say that everyone was very cooperative and so easy to work with. And to boot, Jayden was adorable! We LOVED his little aviator hat! So it made taking photos that much more enjoyable. =) Sallie, it was a great idea to bring the families together to take photos. Most families are always so busy and seeing yours together that day and getting along so well made me smile. You guys have a beautiful family and hope that we’ll be able to photograph you guys again one day.


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