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Splash of Color

Welcome to my new blog! Well not really new, but something that geared away from the shades of grey. The blog was in dire need of some color and I finally found one that was perfect! Layout wise, it’s ok, I don’t love it but it’ll do for now. I also updated my website. It’s still a work in progress but I’m aiming to have it fully revamped. If you have any feedback on the blog or the site, I’d love to hear it! I want it easy to navigate for you guys, so speak up and let me know! =)

The last few weeks have been busy with our Photos for Night of Hope Fundraiser. Like our Haiti Fundraiser back in January, we are offering one hour shoots and donating proceeds to American Cancer Society (ACS). We are so happy and thrilled that so many people jumped on board this time around. Stay tuned for the next post about the generous friends who have donated to the cause so far.


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