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Recap – A Love Letter For You

Hi readers! I know I’ve been MIA for a while, but a lot has happened in the last two months and I’m when I finally caught up, life threw a curveball once again. So please bear with me as I backtrack on my posts and update you all on the happenings. First up, a recap of my trip to Philly for the Love Letter project. Please excuse the lo-res photos, one of the things I’ve been dealing with is having my external hard drive fail on me and now I’m in the midst of trying to retrieve as much data as I can. I grabbed these back from my online photo album, so the quality is just not as it should be.

The trip was short but a great time with fabulous company. My do anything, sit there and say nothing friend – it’s always a great time and the best part is there never a silent moment and even if it is, it’s enjoyed. We spent probably 3 hours riding the metro system back and forth until we got most of the murals we wanted to all for $2.50! Talk about an affordable trip! We ended the day at Marrakesh – a homestyle Morrocan restaurant with all the works. It feels like walking into a secret home, you must knock and be greeted to enter; you wash you hands with hot water and given a towel to dry them and sit on your lap as your napkin. It’s a 7 course meal that was WAY too much for two girls or even 4! We were stuffed but so worth the experience for great food. To top it off, they even have belly dancers! Definitely worth visiting if you’re in Philly.

 For those in Syracuse, Steve Powers is making his mark in NY in his most recent project: A Love Letter to Syracuse.


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