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The Supply Education Group – Benefit Concert

Last night was one of the best concerts I’ve been to. It consisted of a great line-up of artists and was hosted by The Supply Education Group. One of my personal favorites, Clara C. herself was the reason why I quickly found a friend to go with me and purchase the tickets in advance. She was the 2010 winner of Kollaboration in LA.  Her music is upbeat, fun, innocent at heart and gets your feet tapping. An amazingly talented musician and singer with an ever so innocent presence to her and a heart that is open to all. She is someone who inspires you to want to be better.

With my excitement, I decided to check out the rest of artists before I headed to the show and I have to say that I was totally blown away by Cate Song. Her voice demands attention but without being pushy and it makes you sit there yearning for more. Her music speaks what the heart yearns for others to hear and she expresses it so well. Soothing, powerful, and inspirational. Jason Min, was just as amazing with his easy listening voice. Rhythm that makes me kick back and want to reminisce. I don’t what it’s called, but he does this thing with his guitar that echoes and makes music all itself – way cool in my books!

On top of all the great artists, is the cause behind it all: The Supply Education Group.

“Proceeds from the concert will fund The Supply Education Group’s field projects in Tanzania, Kenya, and Costa Rica. The non-profit organization provides supplies and materials to local schools and also implements long-term sustainable education solutions for the communities. The Supply Education Group’s primary focus is to engage the youth of America to better understand and tackle the educational needs of developing countries.”

Organizations like these that actually put in the manual labor to help others and make a difference encourage us to stop and think. It’s people behind projects like these that truly do shine through and gives us more reason to want to help them achieve their goals. It’s still in its start up stage, but I am looking forward to seeing them grow and hearing more about their field projects abroads. To support them, make a donation.

Venue: Sullivan Hall, NYC

Cate Song

Jason Min

Clara C. – it was worth waiting the entire show to see her perform!

And definitely worth the late work night to see all the artists!


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