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A Love Letter For You

Life has been quite a whirlwind lately. Crazy thing is that I’m happy about it and loving the adrenaline of knowing that I have to get everything within a limited time frame – wondering what it is? Well how about re-planning my entire wedding (minus reception venue/catering) in two weeks? At least that’s the goal I’m giving myself. I’m halfway there and have to say that I’m quite proud of myself.

In between all the fun, I do get stressed from time to time with things that I cannot control. I’m a bit of a perfectionist and with about a month left, time is ticking away! And what better to remedy the mind & body, then to go on a quick getaway? Yup, you heard right. I’m going on mini trip in the middle of my re-planning wedding. Daring? Uh huh! Spontaneous? Yes. My normal course of action? Yea, not so much. It’s just something I needed to do to give my mind a mental break. And it’s going to be just the thing I need to get me in wedding mode – A Love Letter For You.

Philly be ready for my camera! I can’t wait to capture the murals that were created by Stephen Powers. He had begun painting love messages on walls in the late 1960s to impress his girlfriend. How sweet is that?


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