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Planning vs. Photography

I’ve been a bit torn lately with my love for planning and photography. I love both.

I’ve been planning for as long as I could remember. I remember as a child going to supplies stores and supermarkets to prep for my birthday parties. I was always particular in what I wanted to give out in the “goodie bags”. I always voiced my opinion when I didn’t like a certain character or color. Then came HS & college, I was the go-to person to plan get-togethers with friends. I never really thought about it, I just did it – whether it be a dinner, BBQ or trip, I was the one to reach out to everyone and get them all in one place. Fast forward and I’ve realized that I just love the researching, the planning and the results of putting an event together. No matter how small or big, the fact that I was able to get everyone together and know that everyone enjoyed it makes me happy – happy like the little girl who finally put together the dollhouse she’d been working on.

Photography came a bit later in my life.  In elementary school through middle school, I hated being in photos. Enough to just run every time someone just showed their camera. But I did remember always asking my parents to borrow the camera for school trips. I wanted to capture everything. I remember my mom would say “Why do you take photos of all these people, only your friends? You are not in ANY of these!” And the talk would go on about how film was expensive and I shouldn’t “kill the film”. So I waited until I was able to work, earn my own money and buy my own film. And in college was when I really took an interest in photography. It started on my study abroad trip to China. I had borrowed my parents film camera and bought film at a local Chinese shop (it was MUCH cheaper and developing cost less than a US dollar!). The world was mine to capture. =)

I eventually upgraded to a digital camera and have since had several. And the rest is history. I learned to ‘smile’ in front of cameras, and even my own. I took opportunity in documenting my life – family, friends, FOOD, and my travels. I’ve learned that I love candid moments and the simplicity of natural photos. It allows me to freeze time for just a split second and remember it forever.

I have yet to build a plan to marry my art of planning with my photography. I am hopeful that I will get there. In the meantime, I will continue sharing my photos and adventures. Here’s a few old photos pre-DSLR…


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