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Back to Back Events

Sorry I’ve been MIA for a while, life was running its course and was charging full speed ahead with a reunion, birthdays, weddings, and wedding planning. On top of all that, work has been a whirlwind of craziness that’s coming to an end but the uncertainty is bound to return. May has definitely proven itself to be eventful. At the end of the day, these are things that bring a smile to my face, make every day worthwhile, and the best that life has to offer. Here’s a recap of what went down the beginning of the month.

A Reunion of the Past to Present

We attended my high school reunion at Hudson Terrace. It was great to see faces I hadn’t seen in a while and to reconnect with friends that I thought I’d never see again. It was a fun night and always a plus to see friends I’ve kept in touch with but haven’t seen recently. The ambiance of the lounge was great – rooftop patio with views of the city. The only down side? Well the drinks cost an average of $13-$16 each – not very wallet friendly for a long night and we had to leave promptly at 10pm so that they could be opened for “regular business”.


 A Birthday Celebration

I planned a surprise bday dinner for one of my best friends. She has been through so much the past 9 months and despite it all, she’s still been there for me with my crazy day-to-day stories. To me, she was a hero. It’s people like her that put others first no matter what they’re going through, who make you realize that that’s the part about life that makes you truly smile from the inside out. And for that, I had to celebrate my friend because she deserved that and more. So I got together her closest friends, made reservations at Cucina di Pesce for an Italian dinner, spruced up the place with yellow tulips and personalized tumblers for the bday girl, and made an order for custom cupcakes in her favorite color – turquoise/teal frosting paired with dark chocolate cake! They were to die for – seriously. I had to refrain myself from eating another three!

And to see this smile at the end of the night, priceless! These are the things that warm my heart ❤

A Different Type of Birthday

This year I decided to celebrate myself in a non-traditional way. How? By asking my friends to come out to support Relay for Life – an event held by the American Cancer Society. Earlier this month, my friend asked me to support her efforts in the event by passing along an invite to a HH (happy hour) fundraiser that she was looking to host. The simple request turned into conversations of us brainstorming ideas and me adding insight to their plans for the Relay for Life event and where to host their HH. I was ecstatic to hear that she liked my ideas and eventually even decided to host the fundraiser at Obivia – my all time favorite lounge/bar in New York. So instead of the usual dinner and party or backyard BBQ and receiving gifts, I wanted to give back. I did this by asking my friends to come out to support the fundraiser and in turn raising awareness of the event. And honestly, seeing all my friends there supporting me in fighting back against cancer meant the world – it was one of the best gifts I could ask for.

My friend, Elena, who inspired me to give back and take part in an event that will make a difference to all. Come out and support American Cancer Society/Relay for Life this Saturday, June 26th from 3pm-10pm. There will be another event coming up to raise awareness. You can find out more about why I’m making the fight and how we’re going to make our imprint at: Create.Inspire.Relay.

Next up, my friend Nancy & Anthony’s wedding and a teaser from our engagement party.


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