Central Park Biking

I bought discount tickets from last year for bike rentals at Central Park. I’ve been holding onto them being lazy and unmotivated to go. But the expiration date was approaching and I couldn’t let my hard-earned $17 per ticket be wasted. I had bought two and I finally convinced myself and the P.I.C. to put the tickets to use.

So two weeks ago, we went to Central Park Bike Rentals to redeem our tickets. The lady that helped us was super friendly and she was awesome for recommending the “big seater” bike to me. We rode the entire Central Park track and them some for a total of 2 1/2 hours and for someone who hasn’t gotten on a bike for 10+ years, it was pretty great. The ride uphill was hard at some points, but riding through the wind and breathing in the fresh air (except for when we went past the horse carriages) was well worth the money. =) The P.I.C. liked it so much he wanted to do it EVERY weekend! I’m liked it but I’m not THAT motivated now. But maybe after we go a few more times, we’ll go bike riding more locally.


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