Su’s Bakeshop

This post is dedicated to my coworker/good friend Su. She is by far one of the sweetest and talented person I have ever met.

She recently volunteered at the Brooklyn Flea’s Great American Bake Sale alongside local NYC bakers, such as Tiny Kitchen Girl, to help raise funds for the Share Your Strength Foundation. It was a great turnout, not to mention lots of mmm mmm good in your tummy sweets.

These bacon macaroons were like heaven!

Cute boxed walnut tartlettes by Tiny Kitchen Girl

Everyone loves red velvet!

Su’s deeeelicious cookies – especially the cranberry white chocolate oatmeal & apricot white chocolate oatmeal!!

Cute heart shaped cookies

There were so many goodies…

and so hard to resist!

Su’s interest & skill in baking has grown so much in the last two years and it’s been so great seeing her do well with what she loves. I can vouch for her creativity and delicious goodies. Not only do her baked good taste great, they look even better! Trust me when I say, she can pretty much replicate anything you show her. She’s just got a natural talent for it and it’s truly her calling. Here are a few photos of her work…

Poker themed cake – this was her FIRST ever attempt at a custom cake

Bridal Shower cake (vanilla with raspberry filling & chocolate with chocolate filling)

A transportation themed baby shower cake

Peanuts themed vanilla cake

Xbox Cake – dark chocolate cake with hazelnut cream and semisweet dark chocolate chips.

And yes, I’m totally selling her work because I think she is absolutely amazing and has great things in store for her. If you’re interested in making an order, let me know and I’ll put you guys in touch! You won’t be disappointed. =)


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