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I’ve always wanted to do a photography workshop – something outside of the classroom. But most of the times, it gets to be a bit pricey and they are out of the metro area. I came across this TWO DAY workshop in Provo, UT this coming June.

I’m tempted to go but with trying to keep my budget on the low, I’m holding myself back on taking the jump. The airfare is reasonable, hotel is pretty cheap, but the $825 cost of the workshop adds a big load onto my expenses. But yet here I am, still contemplating it, yearning to go and just wanting to take that risk. The risk of actually doing something I might really enjoy and want for myself, but because life gives us responsibilities and things that are more important, I need to take the back seat and just wait until another opportunity comes up. I just have to be hopeful that this isn’t the “last opportunity” and that something similar or even better will come up in the future – when I can finally take that leap and dive in.

Have any of you ever taken a photography workshop? How do you compare it with a classroom setting? Would you go?


3 thoughts on “Photography Workshop

  1. Holy shit… that’s a lot of money. That’s a decent lens, right there.
    I haven’t had the pleasure of a workshop either but I keep my eye open to small ones in the area. Most are $150 or less. But I think it depends on what type of workshop you’re looking for. I think you can learn a lot from others but it doesn’t always have to be in a classroom or from a professional.
    I read several blogs and books. I go on a walkabouts with other photographers to see how they work with their equipment. I reach out to friends that are professionals for tips. And I shoot almost daily. has a post today about workshops – what to ask yourself before you commit. And Blue Lily Blog does workshops all over the country – might be something of interest to you.
    I think your photographs are great – keep on doing what you’re doing. 🙂


    1. Thanks for the input Shutterboo. And I agree, it is a little too much money and I can save it for a nice new lens in the future. In the meantime, I’ll keep my eyes posted on more local workshops, check out the sites you recommended and getting tips from online and other photog enthusiasts/professionals.

      And thanks for the comment on my photos! Practice every day makes each photo a little better. =)


      1. Workshops are great but do invest in someone who is a leader in the wedding industry (it’s a lot of money until you do decide to go pro, local workshops are the best). In the meantime, its best to network with other photographers and learn as much as you can. I do agree with Shutterboo to follow a few blogs of photographer’s work that inspires you.


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