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Ayza & Blue Smoke

I love trying new places and finding new dishes from old faves for good food. And I figured, hey why not share my experiences.

Restaurant Name: Ayza Wine & Chocolate Bar
Location: 11 W31st Street (Btwn 5th & Broadway)
Price Range: $$-$$$
Rating (out of 5): 4 stars

Extras: They gave us a free shot of warm wine to start off the meal; a great way to promote their liquor and please the customers – so kudos to them for that! But I have to admit that I wasn’t crazy about how it tasted, I took a sip and let the rest go to waste.

My Experience: I came here for lunch the other day and they have an amazing prix fixe menu. $9.95 for a side dish + entrée. It was definitely a cheap find for the neighborhood. But it’s the AMAZING food that gives this place two thumbs up. I ordered the hummus side with a pulled pork panini. The hummus was delicious; the bread that came with it was perfectly baked crisp on the outside and soft on the inside; not to mention that it brings out the garlic-y flavor of the hummus. The panini was W-O-W. It had just the right amount of meat, thinly layered but boy was it jam-packed with flavor! By far one of the best sandwiches I’ve had in a long time. To top it off, they had a salad that came on the side that was sweet and tangy with almonds and just the right amount of dressing. Not sure what the dressing was, but it’s GOOD! I would also have to say that the portion size is perfect – not too much and definitely not too little.

Restaurant Name: Blue Smoke
Location: 116 E27th Street (btwn Park & Lex)
Price Range: $$$
Rating (out of 5): 4 stars

Extras: They have a jazz lounge downstairs and have shows regularly. A great spot to enjoy some music with a group of friends or even a date.

My experience: This was my second time here. The first time (about 2 yrs ago) I had the baby back ribs and let me tell you, the meat just falls right off the bones! And that’s the way it’s supposed to be. When I went again the other week, I ordered the Low Country Shrimp Burger. It was different but full of flavor and delish. The side salad with pecans and apples had a kick of spice to it that made it unique and hard to not eat. We also ordered a side of Sweet Potato Fries with maple dip – and OMG, these were the biggest sweet potato wedges I ever had! It literally looked like they sliced the entire potato in just fours. It made them that much better and the maple syrup complemented it well.


One thought on “Ayza & Blue Smoke

  1. okay, hi – i want all this now, hahaha. i’ve been wanting to try that restaurant foreverrrrr! wine and chocolate?? genius!! lol


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