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Friends for Haiti Relief Fundraiser – Part 2

We had our last photo shoot for the Haiti Fundraiser in DUMBO again. Another cold one of course, right in the middle of winter in NYC. Despite the cold winds, we had abundant sunshine and clear blue skies. A more than perfect day to be out soaking in some sun and photo taking.

I’m so happy my friends came out to support the cause with me. To my fellow photographers, Helen – for coming out all three weekends, you are a true rock star!, Peter – for coming out on the coldest day ever, Krizia – for trooping it out all the way from SI, Juanita – for making time out of your already busy schedule and of course, most importantly my PIC – for coming out all three weekends as well, making us laugh, braving the cold, and joining us for the fun even when you had to work overtime on the days of the shoot. Without my PIC, I wouldn’t have had the courage to plan the event out and actually make it happen; the support and encouragement you give me is more than I could ask for.

To all my friends that participated in the shoot, I can’t thank you all enough for taking the time out to help us get this kicked off. I’m looking forward to doing more shoots once the weather gets better and hope to gain more experience and take even better photos.

Shaneeka & Family

Shaneeka is one of the sweetest and most down to earth people I’ve ever met. Also, a person that’s always there to let you know that everything will be ok with her heartwarming smile and generous hugs. It’s been a while since I last saw Shaneeka and it was great to finally see her and catch up during the shoot. I’ve missed seeing and talking to her. She was always the calm to my craziness and for that, I’ll never forget the friendship she’s given me and the support she continues to give me.

The beautiful family.

Still so in love.

Andrea & Alberto

Our first couple shoot and I felt privileged to help Andrea and Roberto take some of their photos as a couple together. They’ve been together for a while but they never really took photos together. So I was really excited to get some photos of the lovely couple. Andrea was very easy to take photos of since she’s got a great smile. Roberto was a bit shy in front of the camera but I think we got him to warm up to us a bit (even though he wasn’t crazy about the cold weather that day). He was still a good sport about it, so kudos to him! I have to say though that they were a very photogenic couple.

I had fun composing this one. Never thought I’d be able to and I have to admit, it was fun!

My absolute favorite photo of the day. Kudos to my PIC and his creativity.


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