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Friends for Haiti Relief Fundraiser – Part 1

In the process of transferring over my blog, the next few posts are dated but still something I’d like to keep on the site.

We offered one hour photo sessions to help raise money for Haiti for three weekends. All of the funds received($200!) was donated to For the event I created a logo sticker for the photographers to wear during the shoot; just a little something to jazz it up a bit. It’s in the main colors of the Haiti Flag and in the shape of a camera to tie in the photo shoot. I decided to call it the PICphoto & Friends for Haiti Event – perfectly fitting since friends/fellow photog enthusiasts came out to give a hand.

Here’s a few photos of your friends who came out, donated $25 for the one hour session, and the photogs who braved the cold with us. To see more photos, go to

Taylor – DUMBO
First off, I have to admit that I am obsessed with taking photos of toddlers. You can probably call me the paparazzi of kids. There’s just something always intriguing about them and there’s never a dull moment. Once they’ve warmed up to you, they just go on about their ways and explore like the curious little bugs they are. They’re definitely not the easiest to photography since they’re always on the move – but when you do catch that right moment, it’s Kodak (especially all those crazy facial expressions!) And Taylor was definitely no exception to that.

I know Calune through work and in part, I was inspired by her to do my fundraising event. She had recently gone to Haiti as a member of an outreach team to help kids in a local school and to help rebuild communities. Her compassion and strength in doing this program reminds me that there are wonderful people in the world who truly want to just give back. In my eyes, she’s got a genuine sense of innocence that thinks of others, a heart of gold, and the stamina of someone who’s not afraid to stand up for what she believes in. And not to mention, the perfect model client!  Posing credits in photos are all Calune, au naturale!
I LOVE the background in this and her outfit!
Model worthy.
Love for the boots
Sharon & Family
I’ve known Sharon for 15+ years now. It’s crazy how time flies and wonderful how life brings people back into your life. She’s always there to support me even with our busy schedules, and I couldn’t be happier to do this shoot for them. Congrats to you & Ray again!!! And Angel – it’s always so good to see you and you’re growing up SOO fast!
 I always wanted to try to do a shot like this.  
The lovely family – one of my favorite photos of the day.

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